Top 18 Drinks That Start With B – Energy, Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic


At every occasion and different gathering or event, we always look for drinks or food that fulfil our thirst accordingly to gatherings, If we are going to the beach, of course, we look like Malibu to get drunk, at birthday parties we are always going with pink drink, if it was the girl birthday.

However, there were a lot of drinks are there in the market, and for each and every occasion we don’t remember all ones, so if you are one of them like me, who always prefers to look out the drinks according to the alphabetic form along with occasion according to drink then here is the list of all the drinks that start with B, in which we cover, alcoholic, non-alcoholic and energy drink as well.

Drinks That Start With B

Now, here you will find the alcoholic drinks that start with B., We will cover all 6 drinks which is most popular in the USA.

Alcoholic Drinks That Start With B

1. Beer

We know that Beer, often referred to as “the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage,” is crafted through the fermentation of malted barley, hops, water, and yeast. It comes in a multitude of styles, from crisp lagers to robust ales, with varying flavors, aromas, and alcohol content, which is what people love the most.

2. Bourbon

If you love sweet drinks, then bourbon is made for you, A quintessential American whiskey, is known for its rich, caramel-like sweetness. It’s produced primarily from corn, aged in charred oak barrels, and carries a distinctive warmth and complexity in its taste.

3. Bellini

This is best suitable for a birthday drink according to my taste and experience, as the Bellini, born in Venice, Italy, marries the effervescence of Prosecco with the sweetness of ripe peaches, resulting in a sparkling, fruity cocktail that’s perfect for celebrating special occasions.

4. Bloody Mary

Would you love to taste the combination of spices and hot sauce? the Bloody Mary is a brunch staple, combining vodka, tomato juice, and an array of spices and flavorings like Worcestershire sauce, hot sauces, and various seasonings to create a zesty cocktail.

5. Baileys Irish Cream

There are people who love the creamy type of beer, and baileys is one of them, it is an indulgent liqueur that harmoniously blends Irish whiskey with cream, cocoa, and vanilla, resulting in a velvety, dessert-like drink with a hint of alcohol.

6. Black Russian

We all know Russian, and instead of Russia, If we hear Russian, we get a smile, you know!!!!!! hahaha, just joking, However, A simple yet satisfying cocktail, the Black Russian brings together vodka and coffee liqueur (such as KahlĂșa) to create a dark and flavorful drink with a coffee-infused sweetness.

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Non-Alcoholic Drink That Starts With B

Let’s go with another 6 Non-alcoholic drinks that start with alphabet B, which will you enjoy a lot along with some nutritional benefits.

7. Banana Smoothie

If you love to eat a banana or banana recipe then this is best suitable for you, the banana smoothie is a creamy blend of ripe bananas, yoghurt or milk, and often honey or nut butter, creating a nutritious and delicious beverage that’s perfect for breakfast or a quick snack.

8. Blueberry Lemonade

Personally, I don’t like blueberry, but if you love it, then blueberry lemonade combines the zingy tartness of lemonade with the sweet, fruity burst of blueberry juice, delivering a refreshing and vibrant non-alcoholic drink.

9. Butterfly Pea Tea

This unique herbal tea, derived from butterfly pea flowers, is known for its mesmerizing blue hue, which transforms into shades of purple or pink when mixed with citrus, making it both visually stunning and intriguing.

10. Black Tea

Black tea, fully oxidized and robust in flavor, boasts a bold and often brisk taste profile. It’s a classic tea variety enjoyed worldwide, commonly served with milk and sugar or plain, however, it has its own benefits.

11. Berry Punch

Berry punch is a delightful non-alcoholic concoction created by blending various berry juices, like raspberry and strawberry, with soda or sparkling water, resulting in a sweet and effervescent drink perfect for gatherings.

12. Bubbly Water

This is the most common drink that is served at the birthday party, the bubbly water, also known as carbonated water or sparkling water, offers effervescence without alcohol. It serves as a versatile base for cocktails or is enjoyed as a crisp, refreshing drink on its own.

Energy Drinks That Start With B

Finally, The list of Energy drinks is here, that most suitable for replenishing the body along with hydration and energy to keep the metabolism up.

13. Bang Energy Drink

Bang is a renowned energy drink brand celebrated for its potent caffeine content and diverse flavor options, aimed at providing a rapid energy boost and enhanced focus, the bang energy lasting period is also overlooked by people.

14. Burn Energy Drink

Burn Energy Drink offers a selection of flavors and is formulated to deliver an energy surge through caffeine and other stimulating ingredients, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a night out.

15. Blue Bolt Energy Drink

Blue Bolt Energy Drink stands out with its vibrant blue color and contains caffeine and taurine, combining a refreshing taste with an energy-enhancing effect.

16. Bawls Energy Drink

Bawls is a carbonated energy drink featuring caffeine and guarana extract for a unique and zesty taste experience while providing a pick-me-up effect for increased vitality, this is best after a workout as well.

17. Boost Energy Drink

Boost Energy Drink is designed for quick revitalization, As the name suggests, it offers an immediate energy boost. Its combination of ingredients aims to enhance alertness and stamina, making it popular among the active crowd.

18. Brisk Iced Tea (with caffeine)

Certain variations of Brisk Iced Tea include caffeine, adding an energy-boosting element to the classic iced tea flavor, making it a refreshing option for those seeking a caffeine-infused drink.


So, the drinks that start with b, offer diverse choices for different occasions. Alcoholic options, like beer and cocktails, are for social and special events. Non-alcoholic drinks, such as smoothies and lemonades, are perfect for refreshment any time.

Energy drinks should be reserved for when an energy boost is needed, and classic options like tea and punch are versatile choices suitable for various situations. Choose based on preference and context.


What soda starts with B?

Birch Beer is a soda with a unique flavor profile reminiscent of wintergreen and mint.

What cocktail starts with B?

Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail made with vodka, tomato juice, and various spices.

What are common bar drinks?

Common bar drinks include cocktails like Margarita, Martini, and Mojito, as well as classics like Whiskey Sour and Old Fashioned.

What is a gin drink that starts with B?

Bramble is a gin-based cocktail featuring blackberry liqueur, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

What juice starts with B?

Blueberry Juice is a fruit juice made from the vibrant and sweet-tart blueberries.

Which kid drinks start with B?

Popular kid drinks starting with “B” include Berry Smoothie and Banana Milkshake, providing a nutritious and tasty treat.


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