How Many Shots Of Coconut Malibu To Get Drunk? Answered!!!

Whenever we drink rum, whiskey, or any other alcoholic beverage, we always try to be conscious of how much we are drinking and hope not to get too drunk. We seek alcoholic drinks that provide a moderate buzz for a pleasant experience.

If you share this sentiment and are looking for an alcoholic drink that gives you a great feeling, rum might be the best choice for you. However, it’s important to note that some rums have higher alcohol by volume (ABV), and we haven’t tried them all.

However, we have experienced Malibu with 21% of alcohol, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including whether can malibu get you drunk and if yes, then how many shots of Malibu to get drunk? absorption, diuretics and more.

What Is Malibu Rum?

Malibu Rum is a type of rum that is coconut-flavoured, containing 21% alcohol, which is considered moderate compared to other alcoholic beverages.

The taste of Malibu rum is similar to drinking coconut water, and the buzz it provides is one of the best among alcoholic drinks.

How Many Shots Of Malibu To Get Drunk?

Malibu rum is different from other rums due to its percentage of alcohol available.

So, consuming 3-4 shots of Malibu can have an effect and get you drunk. However, the outcome also depends on the quantity you are consuming, whether you take it neat or with soda or water, and your food intake capacity as well.

What are the Factors That Abosrop Alcohol

Weight of your body

If your weight is more than 80 KG, you will get drunk later because you have a good water intake capacity and availability in your body, along with food.

Male or Female

Females will get drunk faster, within 10 minutes, due to their lower water content in the body. In comparison, men have more water, and alcohol takes longer to affect their system.

Quantity of Alcohol

The quantity of alcohol consumed is a significant factor. For example, if we assume that 4 shots of Truly’s hard seltzer will get you drunk, that’s not entirely accurate. This estimation is based on consuming 1 tin or can.

If you consume more than that, you will become more drunk than in a moderate form. So, the quantity matters for all alcoholic drinks, as well as the time taken to consume them.

Neat or with sodas and water

If you consume neat rum, it will be harder for you to get drunk because it affects your system more quickly. However, if you mix it with soda or water, the effects can be more long-lasting.

How Long Does Malibu Start To Kick In?

The time it takes for alcohol to kick in depends on how much you consume within half an hour. For example, if you consume more than one cane or tin within the first 25 minutes, it will kick in quickly.

However, the speed of intoxication also depends on whether you are drinking it neat or with soda or water.


How many shots are in a bottle of Malibu?

The number of shots in a bottle of Malibu can vary depending on the bottle size, but typically there are about 25 to 30 standard 1.5-ounce shots in a 750ml bottle.

Is Malibu stronger than vodka?

No, Malibu is not stronger than vodka. Malibu typically has an alcohol content of 21% ABV, while vodka usually has a higher alcohol content ranging from 35% to 50% ABV.

How many shots of coconut Malibu to get drunk?

The number of shots of coconut Malibu needed to get drunk varies depending on individual capacity, Generally, 4 shots can have an effect, but it’s important to drink responsibly and know your limits.

How strong is Malibu?

Malibu has an alcohol content of 21% ABV, which is considered moderate compared to other spirits like vodka or whiskey.


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