How Many Moonshine Cherries To Get Drunk? (Solved)

Welcome to the world of Moonshine Cherries, where the allure of sweet, juicy cherries meets the thrill of a hidden alcoholic kick. These delicious treats have gained popularity among enthusiasts for their unique flavors and unexpected potency.

As an avid drinker who has savoured these cherries, let me share with you the tantalizing secrets of Moonshine Cherries and what makes them a standout choice for a tipsy indulgence along with How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk.

What Are Moonshine Cherries?

Moonshine Cherries are luscious, ripe cherries soaked in moonshine, a type of high-proof distilled alcohol. The process involves immersing the cherries in the potent spirit, allowing them to absorb its flavors, resulting in a delightful blend of sweetness and an underlying boozy essence.

Is Moonshine Cherries Alcoholic?

Moonshine Cherries are alcoholic. Due to the soaking process, the cherries absorb a significant amount of alcohol from the moonshine, making them a spirited treat with a hidden punch. If you enjoy alcoholic delights and have a love for cherries, these little gems are sure to entice your thirst.

How Much Alcohol is Present in Moonshine Cherries?

The alcohol content in Moonshine Cherries can vary depending on factors such as the type and proof of the moonshine used, as well as the soaking duration. However, these cherries can contain anywhere from 5% to 15% alcohol by volume (ABV). Similar to Buzzballz.

How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk?

Now, the question that comes to many people’s minds is: how many Moonshine Cherries does it takes to get drunk?  The Answer is 12 Cherries on an average, however, it also depends on the size of the cherries along with your body weight, tolerance to alcohol, and the alcohol content in the cherries.

Remember that cherries are typically small, and while they may seem innocuous, their alcohol concentration can be surprisingly high. It’s crucial to consume them in moderation to avoid overindulgence.

Factors Affecting Intoxication from Moonshine Cherries

  1. Body Weight and Metabolism: A person’s weight and metabolism play a vital role in how they process alcohol. Those with lower body weight and slower metabolism may feel the effects faster.
  2. Tolerance to Alcohol: Regular drinkers may have a higher tolerance, but it doesn’t negate the need for moderation. Even if you have a high alcohol tolerance, excessive consumption can still lead to intoxication.
  3. Alcohol Content: The ABV of the moonshine-infused cherries determines their potency. The higher the alcohol content, the quicker intoxication can occur.
  4. Quantity Consumed: It goes without saying that the more cherries you consume, the higher the alcohol intake, and the greater the potential for intoxication.

Flavors of Moonshine Cherries

Moonshine Cherries come in a delightful array of flavors that cater to various palates. From classic sweet cherries to tangy variations like lime-infused or spiced options, there’s a flavor for everyone. The soaking process allows the cherries to absorb the flavors fully, creating a harmonious blend between fruitiness and spirited zest.

How Long Do Moonshine Cherries Last?

Properly stored, Moonshine Cherries can maintain their flavor and alcoholic kick for an extended period. Sealed, airtight containers in a cool, dark place help preserve their taste and potency for up to a year or more. However, it’s unlikely they’ll last that long – once you’ve had a taste, you’ll likely find it hard to resist finishing them quickly!

Alternatives of MoonShine Cherries

Whiskey-Infused Strawberries

Swap cherries for succulent strawberries soaked in whiskey. The combination of the sweet juiciness of strawberries with the robust flavor of whiskey creates a harmonious balance that’s hard to resist.

Rum-Soaked Pineapple Chunks

Experience the tropical paradise in your glass with pineapple chunks infused in rum. The natural sweetness of pineapple pairs perfectly with the warm, aromatic notes of rum, transporting your taste buds to an exotic getaway.

Vodka-Infused Watermelon Slices

Elevate the classic summer fruit with a vodka twist. Watermelon slices soaked in vodka offer a refreshing and boozy indulgence that’s perfect for warm days and outdoor gatherings.

Tequila-Infused Mango Wedges

Embrace the zesty taste of tequila-infused mango wedges. The tanginess of mango complements the boldness of tequila, creating a tantalizing fusion of flavors.

Brandy-Soaked Peaches

For a touch of elegance, opt for brandy-soaked peaches. The smoothness of brandy enhances the natural sweetness of peaches, making this combination a sophisticated treat.


Moonshine Cherries offer an enticing adventure for those seeking a unique alcoholic treat. The combination of sweet cherries and hidden potency provides a delightful surprise, but they must be enjoyed responsibly. With their various flavors and the potential to add a spark to any gathering, these cherries are indeed a thrilling choice for any spirited occasion. I hope we cover your answer called How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk? with alternatives, lasting time, flavors, factors and more.


How strong is cherry moonshine?

Cherry moonshine can vary in alcohol content, but on average, it ranges from 40% to 60% alcohol by volume (ABV). It’s a potent and intense spirit that carries the essence of cherries.

What liquor is in moonshine cherries?

Moonshine cherries are soaked in moonshine, a high-proof distilled spirit. The cherries absorb the moonshine’s alcoholic content, creating a boozy and flavorful treat.

How do you enjoy moonshine cherries?

Moonshine cherries can be enjoyed in various ways. Some savour them as a standalone treat, while others use them to garnish cocktails or desserts. They are also perfect for adding a boozy twist to dishes like ice cream or cake.

How many moonshine cherries equal a shot?

The number of moonshine cherries equivalent to a shot depends on the cherries’ size and the soaking duration. On average, about 3 to 5 cherries can be equivalent to a standard shot of alcohol.


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