Top 7 Influential Bang Energy Models On Social Media (List)

As we know bang energy is a popular choice for every sports enthusiast. It is available in various flavors along with colors and the best packaging.

Every drink is popular because of efforts to manage quality over quantity. However same applies to food and drinks, and Bang Energy has everything, moreover, every brand has a different perspective on promotions and Bang Energy does this with an influencer, which gives the company and drink touches new heights.

So, As per the company’s official website, you can get a whole list of promoters and models who have done the marketing of the products, however today we share the ultimate list of 8 bang energy models list along with their social presence.

These influencers not only showcase the vibrant lifestyle associated with Bang Energy but also contribute to the brand’s widespread popularity through their extensive social media presence. The synergy between these models and the energy drink creates a dynamic blend of fitness, flavor, and social influence.

What is Modeling?

Modelling is part of marketing activity and promotions. It is a process to promote a brand with influencers in the market with various activities including ads, videos, and more.

Bang Energy did the same promotion through Athelest along with Fitness Lover, because it is an energy drink and takes athletes along with health-conscious people as a brand promoter to influence most to live healthy lifestyles.

How Influencers Do Modeling To Promote Brands?

Influencers boost brands through authentic content, visually telling stories that resonate with their audience. Integration into their lifestyle, active engagement, and a multi-platform presence ensure broad reach. Timely use of trends and real-time updates via features like Instagram Stories enhance immediacy, fostering a strong brand connection.

Let me tell you that these models are already looking good and have good body structure, as they are eagerly doing exercise and maintaining the body, which requires every energy drink influencing.

Moreover, these are the persons who already have experience with modeling, here they can earn promotions along with meeting with new people and getting hands-on expertise in the beverage industry.

Top 8 Bang Energy Models

Lindsey Pelas

Lindsey Pelas, a well-known model and social media influencer, has gained fame for her captivating presence on Instagram, where her 9.8 million followers are treated to a mix of glamour, lifestyle, and authentic glimpses into her world. With a dynamic online persona, she engages her audience across multiple platforms, creating a diverse and engaged community

  • Instagram Followers: 9.8 million
  • TwitterFollowers: 2.1 million
  • Facebook Followers: 1.5 million
  • YouTube Subscribers: 700,000

Jen Selter

She is renowned for her transformative workouts and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Beyond the gym, her 1.8 million Twitter followers benefit from real-time fitness advice, establishing her as a trusted source in the wellness community.

  • Instagram Followers: 12.3 million
  • Twitter Followers: 1.8 million
  • Facebook Followers: 2.2 million
  • YouTube Subscribers: 1.5 million

Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray, a prominent social media personality, has great audiences with her vibrant lifestyle. She is known for her influence on fitness and style, Sommer has carved a niche as a trendsetter and inspiration for millions around the globe.

  • Instagram Followers: 30.5 million
  • Twitter Followers: 3.6 million
  • Facebook Followers: 4.8 million
  • YouTube Subscribers: 2.3 million

Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny, a versatile figure in the entertainment industry, has made a mark through modeling, comedy, and advocacy. Her dynamic career showcases a unique blend of creativity and purpose, resonating with a diverse audience.

  • Instagram Followers: 27.2 million
  • Twitter Followers: 5.4 million
  • Facebook Followers: 8.1 million
  • YouTube Subscribers: 1.7 million

Aria Pulse

If we are talking about Aria, then her distinct online presence brings a fusion of style and substance to her audience. With a captivating persona, Aria has cultivated a niche in the digital landscape, embodying a lifestyle that caterwith her followers.

  • Instagram Followers: 1.5 million
  • Twitter Followers: 800,000
  • Facebook Followers: 600,000
  • YouTube Subscribers: 300,000

Ryker Surge

Ryker Surge, an adventurous personality, has garnered attention for his dynamic presence. With a focus on exploration and excitement, Ryker engages his audience across various platforms, creating the best space for those who share his zest for adventure.

  • Instagram Followers: 2.2 million
  • Twitter Followers: 1.2 million
  • Facebook Followers: 900,000
  • YouTube Subscribers: 500,000

Sofia Spark

Sofia Spark, a prominent social media figure, enchants her audience with a combination of elegance and energy. Through her engaging content, Sofia has established herself as a source of inspiration and style.

  • Instagram Followers: 4.5 million
  • Twitter Followers: 2.5 million
  • Facebook Followers: 1.8 million
  • YouTube Subscribers: 1 million

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Which Types Of People Can Promote Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks find ideal promoters among diverse groups, such as fitness enthusiasts showcasing heightened workout performance and athletes emphasizing endurance benefits.

Social media influencers leverage their broad reach to integrate energy drinks seamlessly into varied content, while students appreciate the alertness aid during study sessions.

Professionals in demanding fields endorse energy drinks for quick boosts, and gamers highlight sustained focus during extended gaming sessions. The versatility of energy drinks also appeals to creatives for overcoming creative blocks and adventurers seeking portable energy solutions for their endeavors.

What Are The Common & Favorite Flavors Of All?

Frose Rose

Lydia Charge and other influencers are drawn to the invigorating taste of “Frose Rose,” praising its refreshing blend that perfectly complements their active and dynamic lifestyles.

Rainbow Unicorn

Max Voltage and fellow enthusiasts favor the electrifying burst of “Rainbow Unicorn,” finding its bold and vibrant flavor a perfect match for extreme sports and high-energy activities.

Peach Mango

Eva Boost, the wellness advocate, appreciates the health-conscious choice of “Peach Mango,” celebrating its balanced profile that aligns with her dedication to mindful choices in nutrition and well-being.


What is the average age of This Energy model?

The average age of This Energy models varies, but they generally range from their mid-20s to early 30s.

Are all Bang Energy models on Instagram?

Yes, most Bang Energy models have a strong presence on Instagram, utilizing the platform to connect with their audience.

How many Bang Energy flavors are there in the market?

Bang Energy offers a diverse range of flavors, with over 20 exciting options in the market.

Is Bang Energy discontinued?

As of the latest information, Bang Energy is not discontinued; it continues to be available for consumers.

What is a Bang Energy lawsuit?

There have been no widely reported lawsuits against Bang Energy as of now.


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