How to Get a Free Starbucks Birthday Drink?

As a Starbucks drink lover who frequently visits the café, you are likely aware of Starbucks’ birthday offer. On your special day, they generously provide a free reward for just 1 star.

Let’s get started!

What You Need To Know To Get a Free Drink?

A few years ago, some individuals would visit Starbucks and falsely claim their birthdays to receive free drinks. Trusting customers, Starbucks would provide rewards to them.

Best Starbucks Birthday Drink That You Can Try

A few months ago, Starbucks introduced a challenge where participants could create the most expensive drink using available ingredients. Those who crafted the priciest concoction would receive an additional treat and their free birthday drink.

Steps to Get The Best Starbucks Birthday Drink

1. Join Starbucks Rewards. 2. Register your card and update your birth date. 3. Check email/app for birthday reward. 4. Choose any drink from the menu. 5. Customize with milk, syrup, shots, or toppings. 6. Show barcode or provide registered card at store. 7. Enjoy your birthday drink!


Birthdays are an ideal occasion to treat yourself to a Starbucks drink that suits your preferences. Whether you opt for the creamy delight of a frappuccino, the boldness of an espresso-based beverage, or the comfort of a creamy concoction, Starbucks has something special for everyone.